Rick Lowe
Club President

Email: president@secretharbourslsc.com


January 2018 Update

Happy New Year.
2017 has seen many positive achievements for SHSLSC. These achievements have taken many people a large amount of time and effort to achieve. So, I would like to thank everyone that has been involved throughout the season and those who have helped along the way.

Our achievements for 2017 so far include

  • Receiving a $100 000 grant from the State government for our future lifesaving tower, Club signage and information board and the remaining funds for the new club 4WD
  • The club run kiosk opened at the beginning of the season with positive results and feedback from the members and local communitWe have had 2 members Sophie Turner and Oliver Brehaut selected as competitors in the State surf team the “Western Suns” with Mark Muir also being selected as the Western Suns youth development a coach.
  • Shannon Eckstein visited the club and provided our youth and their parents an insight into the life of a competitive Iron Man
  • Carolyn Wilson was awarded the SLSA Official of the Year and Lyla Hall, Siobhan Hall, Jessica and Garry Williams were presented with a lifesaving meritorious award for a rescue completed last summer at Penguin Island sandbar at the SLSA Awards of Excellence 
  • The new car hoist has been fitted into the boat shed to increase space availability
  • We have also purchased a flash new Red 4WD 
  • The Sun Shades went up prior to the heat of the season
  • Our humble ANZAC day service increased in numbers significantly last year
  • Fine Tune fitness opened their doors in the facility.
  • Work has commenced on the clubs’ new vision and mission statements in conjunction with the development of the new club constitution. 
  • Our new functions co-ordinator started bringing in many different functions for the club.
  • Since last season we have seen an increased interest in competition both in the youth, open and masters’ areas which is fantastic.
  • Drones commenced patrolling at our beach last year with the lifeguards, next year will see volunteers piloting the drones at our beach

In 2018 there will be many things we as a club will need to focus on to ensure our continued success as a club moving forward. I am looking forward to the second half of the season and the new year to see what other great achievements can be made.

On behalf of the BoM and the staff at SHSLSC we thank everyone for their efforts last year and we wish you all a very happy new year for 2018.

Kind Regards,

Richard Lowe