Your Age Group Managers are Volunteers

Please feel free to approach them if you have any questions or concerns.

Please advise the age group managers of any medical conditions that they need to be aware off at the start of the day. All details shall be kept confidential.


No Cap – your Child CAN NOT participate!

Put their cap on as soon as you sign them in and you need to remove their cap once they are signed out. Please make sure the cap is tied on securely! (For sand based activities nippers cap can go over a sun hat)

Pink Rashie Vests

The pink rashies are to be worn by all nippers at all times in the water for high visibility and safety. They are available at the surf club office for $15.

Things to have in your bag

  • Full Water Bottle
  • Towel
  • Hat
  • Footwear (only really hot days the sand can burn!).
  • Tube of Sunscreen.
  • Loose Long Sleeve Top for the Start of the Season as the Mornings can be Chilly for the first 4 to 6 weeks (warm clothes if required by weather conditions)

It is expected parents are on the beach AT ALL TIMES with the nippers program, Age Group Managers (who are volunteers) are there to facilitate the Nippers Program. Your child is still your responsibility. We realize you may have more than one child in Surf Club and you may want to watch them as well, this is fine, so long as you let the Age Managers know and put a wrist band on your child and this way we can keep an eye on your child while you are not there.

Signing In / Out

Always sign your child IN AND OUT on the board Supplied. If your child needs to leave the group for any reason please let the Age Manager know so the roll can be amended. There is nothing worse than not knowing where a child is or having a wrong count as we will need to clear the Water & Alert the Life Guards on Duty that there could be a Child in Trouble in the Water!


We start the session at 9.00am and you are required to have your child signed in by then, remember it can be a bit hectic at that time of the morning, especially the first few weeks, so please arrive with plenty of time to get everything done before we start.

We will normally finish around 11:00 am’ish (sometimes earlier in the season depending on the Weather) but that shall move out to the 11am as the Weather Warms Up.

Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide

Slip – on a shirt

Slop – on some sunscreen

Slap – on a hat

Seek – seek shade

Slide – put on sunglasses to Australian Standards