Director of Lifesaving

Stuart Reeves

Phone: 0419 275 183

Patrolling Information


Finding a Substitute

  • Members can make use of the closed Secret Harbour SLSC Patrolling Members Facebook group to find swaps or you can use the ‘Patrols” tab in the member portal ( to advertise you are looking for a substitute for your rostered patrol.

Uniform and Gear

  • Patrol Members must wear the correct Red and Yellow Quartered Cap, and Correct patrol uniforms during the patrol hours.
  • Please remember to tag out any defective gear, and report the defective gear to (you can email from the patrol ipad)
  • Designated patrol first aiders are requested to check the first aid kits at the start and end of each patrol, noting down any equipment used / to be replenished and clean any sand out of the kits.
  • Designated Advance Resuscitation personnel are requested to check the oxygen kits at the start and end of patrol noting down any equipment used / to be replenished and clean sand out of kits.
  • a first aid and oxygen kit must be returned to the patrol ute once they have been checked and cleaned at the end of the patrol. The All other kits are to be stored in the cupboard in the first aid room.

Other Information

  • Members who want to participate in other activities such as age managing, training or skills maintenance must sign off patrol prior.
  • Please be at the club for 8.00 am for patrol set-up.
  • Saturday and Sunday patrols finish at 1.00 pm. Please remember to allow additional time after these times for cleanup.
  • Remember to sign the patrol roster sign in sheet so your hours are recorded.
  • If you are on rostered patrol you are encouraged to do the club swim. Just be down at the club a little bit earlier than the usual 8.00 am so you can have the patrol gear ready before you go down for the club swim.

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Supplementary List

If you are unable to undertake/complete your rostered patrols you may make application to be placed on the supplementary list. Applications for the supplementary list must be in writing to the Director of Lifesaving in accordance with the Club By-Laws Volume 1, Section 7.10 requesting approval. Applications may be emailed to the club.


Skills Maintenance Dates

Remember you must to be proficient by 31 December each year and if you do not complete a qualification skills maintenance session you can not patrol.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

2020/2021 Annual Report