Junior Members and Woodside Nippers

Woodside Nippers Program

Woodside Nippers is a great way to introduce children to all the fun of the beach.

Woodside Nippers focuses on fun, participation and play all while learning important lessons in beach and surf awareness.

Catering for children aged 5 – 13 years, nippers teaches lessons and skills which allow young people to continue in lifesaving and sport as they grow older.

Not only will your child have fun and meet new friends, but they will also develop the ability to become a knowledgeable participant in lifesaving beach patrols as well as a wide range of surf sports.

For information on How to Join and member fees please click here.

Woodside Nippers Coordinator

Rebecca Hughes

Email: members@secretharbourslsc.com

Start date for 2020/21 season:

Woodside Nippers will commence on Sunday 1 November 2020.

Please read the SHSLSC Woodside Nippers Season Guide prior to the first day. See you on the beach!

Pool Proficiency

All Woodside Nippers must complete a swimming proficiency at the start of every season for every nipper.  Please refer below for requirements.  This is a Surf Life Saving requirement as we do not teach your children to swim.

There will be three opportunities to complete your swimming proficiency before the season begins: Sunday 13 September, 25 October 2020 or 1 November 2020, held at State Swim, Secret Harbour between 12-1pm.

For children undertaking swim squads or lessons your coach or instructor may be able to sign off your swimming proficiency by downloading this form Swimming Proficiency Witness form 2020-21

For Woodside Nippers Under 10 and upwards who plan to compete at carnivals there is a surf sports competition proficiency swim which will be explained at the commencement of the season to the age groups.

Junior Age Groups (2020/21 season)

Age at 1 October

Age Group Cap Colour Date of Birth Swimming Requirments
Under 6’s 01/10/14 – 30/09/15 From standing position in waist deep water, perform a front glide and recover/ Perform back or front float holding a buoyant aid and recover
Under 7’s 01/10/13 – 30/09/14 From a standing position in waist deep water, perform a front glide, kick for 3m and recover/ Perform a back or front float for a few seconds and recover
Under 8’s 01/10/12 – 30/09/13 25 metre swim (any stroke) – 1 minute survival float
Under 9’s 01/10/11 – 30/09/12 25 metre swim (any stroke) – 1 minute survival float
Under 10’s 01/10/10 – 30/09/11 25 metre swim (freestyle) – 1.5 minute survival float
Under 11’s 01/10/09 – 30/09/10 50 metre swim (freestyle) – 2 minute survival float
Under 12’s 01/10/08 – 30/09/09 100 metre swim (freestyle) – 2 minute survival float
Under 13’s 01/10/07 – 30/09/08 150 metre swim (freestyle) – 3 minute survival float
Under 14’s 01/10/06 – 30/09/07 200 metre swim (freestyle) in less than 5 min-3 min survival stroke


Caps, Colours and Clothing

Age group coloured caps  and high visibility rashies are compulsory on the beach every Sunday. This allows us to easily identify our young lifesavers on the beach and in the water.

For our Under 6’s & Under 7’s, parents are encouraged to write their child’s name on the front of their coloured cap so we all know each other. Each group will have their own age coloured flag identifying their location on the beach.

For club bathers and other merchandise please see Merchandise Price List 2019-20.

We Need Your Help

All families are required to assist on Sunday mornings. There are many ways you can support our club activities:

  • Assistance with the BBQ
  • Beach set up and pack down
  • Age managing
  • Supporting the Age Manager
  • Water safety

We are a rapidly growing and evolving club. We welcome all help offered and there are many ways to volunteer and be involved with Woodside Nippers.  Please see our Director of Youth if you have any questions regarding this.

Water Safety

If you like being out in the waves you can complete your Woodside Nipper Rescue Certificate, Surf Rescue Certificate or Bronze Medallion which allows you to provide official water safety at Woodside Nippers, where we need a ratio of one water safety adult to 5 nippers in the water at all time.

Age Managers

Age Managers are the key to a great nipper experience. This can sound like a big job but we aim to have a team of 4 – 6 age managers per age group and there is an excellent week to week program designed by SLSWA which can easily be implemented as you build your skills and experience.  Age Manager training is provided before the start of the season.

Age Group Coordinators

Age Group Coordinators will be the go-to person for coordinating your nippers age group for their turn on:

  • On the club BBQ (as each age group from under 6 to under 14 will be on duty once or twice during the season);
  • to set up and pack down the beach (flags and sprint arena/nipper sign on boards/nipper flags);
  • You will have contact details for all nippers in your age group and be a key person in assisting with group/club communication so messages get through to everyone!


To support our nippers to feel confident and safe on our beach each Sunday, we need you to be near or with your child.

We need help with activities, both in and out of the water, to cheer, clap and encourage every effort made by every child. This will allow your child to become more involved in the sport, to see his or her enjoy and work towards being confident in their water and beach skills and to accept all the challenges that the surf has to offer. It may also help you keep fit, healthy and relaxed.

All Parents will be requested to assist twice a season for your relevant age group and be responsible for beach set up and pack down to allow nippers to run, as well as cook and serving at the canteen.  This will be supported by experienced Woodside Nipper leaders and the Age Group Coordinator.  You can choose your role and sign up at Registration/Woodside Nipper information day, or your name will be assigned to a job.

Junior Club Championships

The Junior Club Championships will be held towards the end of the season, with point’s allocated for places and participation in boards, surf race, beach flags and beach sprint events. All our active juniors in the competition age groups (Under 8’s – Under 13’s) are encouraged to participate. These points will contribute to the overall tally for age group champions at the end of the season.


Junior Surf Lifesaving carnivals are held throughout the surf season at variety of metropolitan and regional beaches.

The Junior competition age begins in Under 8’s through to Under 13’s and our juniors participate in all the surf disciplines, which include surf race, boards, beach flags and beach sprints and a range of relay events.


Competition training for both water and beach events is held throughout the season and is focused on developing skills and general fitness.

Every junior is encouraged to have fun and to strive to reach their full potential.  The emphasis is not on winning, but continual improvement of your skills and achieving personal bests.

2019/2020 Annual Report