The Secret Harbour SLSC’s 2020/21 Season Annual General Meeting

will be held on Friday 30th of July 2021.  

Meeting Documentation

AGM 2021 Agenda

AGM 2020 Minutes

2021 Annual Report


Members Criteria for Voting

For the general information of all, members are entitled to vote as outlined in the Club Constitution:

Section 24.1, Members entitled to Vote: 

(a) Members eligible to vote at Annual General and Special General Meetings shall be restricted to Individual Full members who have met their Club Patrol and proficiency obligations, Office Bearers, Long Service Members and Life Members.
(b) Each Member entitled to vote as set out in clause 11.1 shall have one vote at General Meeting which, subject to this Constitution, shall be exercised by him or her personally. The Directors shall have the right to attend and debate, and vote,
at General Meetings.


Nomination for a Board or Committee Role

The following Board of Management positions will become vacant at the AGM :


  1. President: 2-year term
  2. Vice President: 1-year term
  3. Director of Surf Sports: 1-year term
  4. Director of Sponsorship: 1-year term
  5. Director of Education & Training: 2-year term
  6. Director of Youth: 2-year term
  7. Director of Finance and Administration: 2-year term
  8. Director of House and Social: 1-year term
  9. Club Captain: 2-year term


Depending on your interests there are many committee positions (all available as 1 year terms) also open across all areas of lifesaving, education, surf sports, youth, sponsorship and house & social. The list of committee areas can be downloaded from here AGM Nomination Form.


We are happy for roles to be shared to reduce your time commitment!


All nomination forms are due before close of Business on Friday, 2 July 2021.


To find out more about Director and Committee roles, please contact any of the current board/committee members.


For more information about the AGM, contact the Club Administrator, Jane (

Requests for General Business

Members shall be entitled to submit notices of motion  (as per Club Constitution Section 21: Notices of Motions) for inclusion as special business at a General Meeting. All notices of motion must be submitted in writing to the Club not less than twenty eight (28) days prior to the General Meeting. Notices of motion are due by the 2nd of July 2021

Requests for General Business must be received no later than the 2nd July 2021.

Contact Details

Apologies can be forwarded to the Club Administrator, Jane McCrea, by emailing or by calling the office 9524 7092

Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Board of Management or the club administrator if you have any questions.