Building Project Management Early Brief Update

I will provide a general only overview of the building project history at this stage. A history and recognition board for the project which will go into detail regarding activities, dates, persons involved etc. and be placed in a strategic location in the clubrooms.

From early on to progress the project (some 8 years ago) SHSLSC appointed an Ad Hoc Committee called the Building Upgrade Committee (BUC). Generally the terms of reference for that group were to progress to a point where we had a live project with a funding model in place.

Sometime after that (with a feasibility study and business plan in place) the City Of Rockingham commissioned a team called the Project reference group with similar terms of reference. That group consisted of representatives from our club, City of Rockingham and other community bodies.

It is very exciting to report that we have a live project with funding models in place. The construction and demolition activities are under the direct Management of the City of Rockingham. We are currently establishing a communication model with the City.

At the 11 August meeting of the City of Rockingham Project Reference Group it was agreed the group had fulfilled the obligations under its terms of reference hence the group was dissolved.
Saturday 23-08-2014 a meeting was held with the Chair of Building Upgrade Committee, President and Vice President SHSLSC. It was agreed the BUC had fulfilled its obligations under its terms of reference and as such the committee will be dissolved.

On behalf of the Members and other Stakeholders in the community I thank the BUC for their work over some 8 years to bring the project to this point. We have a project!

The original committee Members Max Hannah and Billy Bevan had the vision for a new facility and established funding models feasibility plans and business plans to give the project momentum. It was not an easy task with challenges along the way including a combination of building design and location changes. On behalf of the Members I thank Max and Billy for their efforts and resolve to progress the project. Ross Onions and Ron Wade joined the committee some time later greatly assisting to move the project forward. I also thank Ross and Ron for their efforts. The City of Rockingham has also been instrumental in getting the project to this point.

A presentation was done by Max and Ashley for the City of Rockingham at the AGM and can be viewed on the website (

Where to from here With the clock ticking the Board has agreed in principal to establish two new Ad Hoc committees to steer activities in two different streams:

  1. to progress and Manage Commercial considerations such as the models for café, gym and function rooms operation
  2. to progress and Manage Operational issues such as building fit out and transition into the new facility.

The Board will formally vote on this at the September meeting.

Initially it is proposed those two committees will consist of current board Members and ex Building Upgrade Committee members. This may extend to material experts/other stake holders as required.

Earlier this year eight sub committees were established as a formal vehicle for club members to be involved and influence the shape of the community facility going forward. These types of committees will be re-established and advertised sometime after the Commercial and Operational Ad Hoc Committees are in place.

So if you wish to be involved keep an eye out for advertising around expressions of interest in joining one or more of the sub committees.
The club is in a very buoyant time with

  • Record Membership
  • Review of Constitution and By Laws
  • Modernisation of Strategic Plan
  • And preparation of our presentation for National Club of the Year at Surf Life Saving Australia awards of excellence late November

We must also never lose focus on what the purpose of our club is. We are a not for profit organisation Saving Lives and Building great Communities which includes all of our activities from nippers to patrols and even some of our members progressing to paid
life guards and crew persons in the chopper.

What does all that mean?

In general terms it means there are many opportunities for you to get involved on many different levels and activities within your club. Don’t hesitate to step forward and have a go. It is interesting to note that all current Board Members started as Nipper Parents just setting up the beach and cooking BBQs etc.

Please feel free to approach any Board Member, Office bearer or have a chat to Sharon during the week and offer to participate.
I am always available. Give me a call if that helps
Club President
0428 157 809

I’m looking for someone to fill the role of Canteen Manager for the 2014-15 season.

This is a great opportunity to get involved in the dry social side of the club. For Mums out there it could be a chance to get some experience, references and connections to get back into the workplace.

Please contact me if you’re interested. 0413 605 696 or inquire at the canteen on Sunday morning.

Thank you Joanne Thodis (Director of House & Social)